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Heres what is up

  • October
  • 26

Guys, we’re not dead.. we have joined forces with a much larger network that is handling the backend of GND from now on. Trust me, this is HUGE news for us and for you, it’s going to be EPIC! We are already changing the sites so all the sites are getting made over and we’re not on cam clique anymore as I noted in the forums… instead we are part of a different cam network. Cam shows *should* start up again this next week, you’ll have access to other girl’s cam shows in addition to the GND girls.

You’ll have access to cam shows by Diddylicious, Sweet Krissy, Ashley’s Candy and Southern Brooke plus more soon!

We are adding a ton of content, so stay tuned and fear not… GND is here to stay, and we’r egetting a LOT stronger!

- James

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Yo Yo Yo

  • October
  • 17

Hey all, we’ve moved the sites to a new server, should be quicker now. Also, we’re going to be making some other exciting changes shortly, over the next 2-4 weeks you’ll see some pretty cool changes. We have two new solo sites gearing up right now as well as a lot of stuff that will go into GNDmodels soon.

I should have some great news for you inside a week or so!

- james

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Life of a webmaster

  • September
  • 21

Wow, what a crazy past few weeks it’s been. I had a version of GNDmodels ready to go and then decided last minute I hated it, so I scraped it and went back to the drawing board. Fairly simple changes, but time consuming none the less. For each image, that’s a new htm page to be created so we’re talking about over 10,000 pages of code. Ack.

I wanted the site online 1-2 weeks back, but here we are and it’s still not done. I am on track for Monday the 29th now. Maybe sooner if the gods are smiling, but odds are, Monday the 29th.

Did you notice the crazy update schedule we’re doing?

GND Network updates 20-24 times per week now. That’s 2-3 times daily. As always, you can track things on GNDupdates.com but yup, we’re going nuts. Might as well give you guys and girls something to stay a member of right?

I’m been a member of other sites that update maybe twice a week, but fuck, why would I want to offer what other guys offer? When we created GND, there was nothing online like what we were doing. There still isn’t either. We offer the girl next door, shot by the girl next door, where she’s involved and has everything to do with her site. She snaps, she uploads, she blogs, she chats in the forums and some, chat on webcam as well.

I’m proud as hell about what we’ve accomplished at GND. We’re getting bigger and bigger… and as always, the girl is in full control. The way we feel it should be. In the future, I myself am going to start shooting again like I did with the images you see inside ClubGND. I miss being behind the lens, so fuck it, might as well have some fun. :)

So many girls wanting to show off, such little time. lol. Truth is, a lot of other girls want to be in GND but they feel shooting themselves is hard work. I personally suggest they get a “real job” and then tell me taking photos is tough… but hey, that’s me being an asshole. :)

Ok kids, back to work for me… so much to do! Fuck I love what I do.

Bryci and I are trying to make this network something you love as well, so if ever we can improve upon things, make things better, PLEASE… send me an email with ideas, suggestions, what you’d love to see. I always hated it when i would write other sites I was a member of, I’d rarely get replies if ever. I’d email several times, asking why this was or that was…. no reply. Needless to say, I wouldn’t rebill, I’d cancel. We want to be the network that is always here for the members because without you guys, we don’t exist, so help me keep you happy and we’ve got a great thing. heh

james@gndnetwork.com or james@gndmodels.com (both reach me)

- James

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GNDmodels re do

  • September
  • 6

So I am working on a new GND models site. The old GND models site was non nude, tease oriented where the girl showed off what she wanted to. The new GND models site is also the same basic principal, the girl is *always* in charge… but this time, there is nudity.

I am also going to include zips inside GNDmodels shortly, yes… the high res zips. You won’t need to go to GNDzips to get zips from GNDmodels.

GNDmodels was the first site in the GND Network and as we went on, we saw better ways of doing things. So now we’re going to come back and apply what we’ve learned to GNDmodels, hopefully making it something people will like. We will be updating GNDmodels weekly once the new version goes live, we’re going to aim for two updates a week. Same thing with ClubGND, two updates a week starting shortly.

There have been a few of the GND girls that tell me they want to go to two updates a week, so we’ll see if they turn it up a notch and send in more content. It never ceases to amaze me how easy this is, but how hard some girls make it… I don’t get it myself, but whatever, that’s a rant for another day. haha I just don’t understand lazy, it pisses me off.

Some new girls coming into GNDmodels as well, Alex is new, April is new, Zoe is new and yes… there are others too. muhahaha

When will the new GNDmodels site go live? Well, I’m hoping for 2-3-4 days.. but it is a total overhaul, so I’m doing it as quick as I can. B is helping out as well so it should go quicker. We’re on it kids, we’re on it.

In the mean time, if you’re bored… go check out *my* site. It’s my release from the biz when I want to type about geeky shit or what not. I was going to keep this quiet but meh, fuck it, who cares. Maybe you’ll enjoy the site. I don’t mention GND on the site, and no, it’s not safe for work. haha

www.eltardo.com  <– you might even see Bryci in there. ;) (Bryci is my girlfriend and co-owner of GND)

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Monroe – what happened

  • August
  • 22

Hey all, just thought I’d touch base and give you a quick update in regards to what happened with Monroe last night.

I get a little testy sometimes when a girl doesn’t show up, because like you, I am also a consumer and I work damn hard for my money. If I feel like I am being taken for granted, as a customer, it pisses me off. haha. I think I’m supposed to be making up excuses for the girls when something happens, but what ends up happening is that I am like.. WHAT THE FUCK! and like you, i get cranky when a girl is a no show. heh

Worst case is that you know I’m truly on your side. Too many sites/networks are flakey as shit and once the webmaster gets girls in the site you get zero customer support. With GND, fuck that, we’re accountable at all times. Every part of GND is accountable, if a girl becomes a flake, we cut her. Plain and simple. Your time is valuable and we’re happy you chose to spend some of it with us. As always, we’re interested in your opinion on how to make the network better. Feel free to drop me an email anytime, you won’t get a staff member, you’ll get me. james@gndnetwork.com

Now.. what happened to Monroe last night?

She wasn’t supposed to be working late last night, but her boss asked her to stay late because of a last minute emergency, so she didn’t really have choice. She was with a customer (she’s a stylist) so she wasn’t able to call and cancel etc. She feels terrible about it though, and she’s told me she’d like to do a make up show to make it up to you guys. I’ll post when we’ve got that show scheduled. In the mean time though, she’s been re-added to the schedule for Thursday nights.

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Monroe’s Cam Shows

  • August
  • 21

Guys, sorry that Monroe was not at her webcam show on Thursday night. I’d love to make something up for you, but the truth is, I have no idea what happened. Monroe is awesome though so I am sure it was a good reason and I am sure she’ll make up for it.

I removed her future cam shows until I can be sure she’s going to show up in the first place. I don’t like going into cam shows and not having a girl show up, I know you feel the same way. Life happens, sometimes shit doesn’t go right and let’s be honest… this isn’t life or death, it’s a freakin’ cam show… but it’s still important to be on time or if you’re not going to show up, to cancel in advance. Your time is valuable, like mine.

In any case, sorry for the hassles. I’ll post more when I know what happened.

- James

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I am supposed to hate Mondays

  • August
  • 18

I remember growing up I was always taught that Monday sucks. It’s usually the day you head back to your job that you hate, right? Thing is, my ass is self employed, so I LOVE my job. I don’t mind Monday’s, they’re pretty much the same as any other day.

Today I woke and slammed out a couple updates quick, for a new set of Faith and Cali online. The Cali set is a set I myself shot, but if I am being honest… it could have been 10 times better. The flash didn’t fire nearly as much as it should have so the lighting and fuzziness was screwed sometimes. I suppose we shouldn’t care, this isn’t professional, right? Amateur is as Amateur does. heh

We shot more sets though that day, so the upcoming sets are better… you’ll like.

We have some new girls coming in shortly as well, we’re talking to about 2-5 girls a week but, I’m picky. I don’t want girls that seems awesome and then flake a week after signing up… ya know? I want a girl that has a decent work ethic. It’s funny, you’d think i was asking them to dig a tunnel through a fucking mountain here… this is EASY stuff.

I love the girls like Monroe, Kayla, Kitty, and even Cali because they get shit done. There are girls like Sadie or Davia where you never know if their next uploaded set is their last set or not… being consistent isn’t their strong suit, but hey… at least it’s real.

Did you know Kayla is on webcam EVERY Monday night at 8pm PST? Monroe is on cam every Thursday night at 9:00pm PST. Check their sites for links to the cam shows and of course, remember you have access to all the other webcam shows for free as well. just go into Kayla or Monroe’s site and click the webcam link. The times listed on the pages for the girls are in EST time zone.. so do the math and figure out when girlie is live in your area and check it out! Some of these girls have great shows!

We’re moving to a more automated system in mid to late September, which means shit will get crazy for a week or so, but then we’re automated in regards to updates. So *every day* you’ll see new shit. Yes, I said EVERY DAY. Crazy, I know. Wait till you see the shit coming your way, we just keep getting bigger, we just keep getting better.

Did you see Kitty’s tribute to Chun Li yet? Holy fuck. The set isn’t live yet, but when you see the work Kitty put into this tribute. Sweet loving christ… UNREAL! Any fan of Capcom’s Street Fighter series will get a chubby. heh.


click for insanely large

Here’s a quick look at two girls that we’re in talks with…click to see larger.


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What happened to Monroe?

  • August
  • 8

Monroe had a webcam show last Tuesday but she didn’t show up. Wtf What happened to her? I myself wasn’t aware she didn’t show up, I was pre-occupied and nobody said anything to me. I found out tonight, from her fans first hand.

Monroe had a webcam show scheduled for midnight last night (9pm PST Thurs evening) and she didn’t show up for that either.

Now, normally I’d be pissed to say the least. I think though, there is something going on. I spoke to Monroe around 6pm PST on Thursday night, 3 hours before her show was to take place.  She was looking forward to her show. She needed my help reinstalling software on her laptop so she could broadcast. She had the software previously installed on her computer in her room, a desktop unit, but when she returned home on Tuesday and was entered her room, she found it was gone. No, it hadn’t vanished… her Dad took it away I guess. (she lives with her Parents at the moment)

Not sure why her Dad took it away, I don’t know what happened (yet). When I spoke to her around 6, she said she was going to eat, and then she’d be back so I could walk her through getting set up her show for Thursday night. Only thing is… she never came back.

So what happened? Honestly, I am as confused as you are. Monroe is trustworthy usually, she’s reliable and she is excited as hell about her website.  I’ve got all sorts of guesses as to what happened, but we’ll wait and see what the reality is when I talk to her next. Those of you that did show up to her show, know I stayed in chat for about 90 minutes with you, talking to you, joking around, having fun and trying to pass the time. I would have jumped on cam but trust me, nobody wants to see my white ass. heh

My favorite thing I said…

Monroe can’t be here, she was eating gum off the bottom of tables and bumped her head.

hahahahaha I figure shit, might as well make a joke of it. Life is too serious. So a girl didn’t show up, meh, life goes on right? I was told she’s presently tied with another girl for no shows… so at risk of her getting booted off the network, I am going to have a chat with her when I can and get to the heart of what’s going on. I think the thing some members forget, is that the girls are *not* paid for webcam shows. Yes, the shows help them because if members are happy, members rebill and or possibly the a new membership comes because of the show… but the shows themselves… they are the girl’s choice.

Am I choked that Monroe didn’t show up? Yes and no. I am more upset she didn’t give me any warning, and I was left holding the bad like a dumb fuck. Nothing like running a network and not knowing where a girl is when she’s supposed to be on cam. haha.. but in the end, it’s *just* a cam show.

I uploaded a second update for Monroe to somewhat ease the pain btw. =)

I just hope girly is alright. I am guessing it’s either one of two things…. one deals with her family possibly freaking on her regarding the site/cam shows. The second is the simplest… perhaps she was exhausted from the heat and after dinner laid down for a nap thinking she had 3 hours to go… and just slept. Although that doesn’t explain why she still hasn’t emailed or messaged me telling me what’s what…

I’m not a fan of being taken for granted.

We’ll see what’s going on I guess. Trust me guys, I am trying to run the best network I know how to. I want the girls to be happy, but I also think you paid your hard earned money, you have a right to be happy too… ya know? It’s my job to get you the best value for your money, and keep the girls happy too. Sometimes it works, other times it’s fun.. haha

Ah well, I’m ranting at this point… I’m hot as fuck.

ps… Faith’s site *should* be up on Friday sometime (mid to late day) accessible with GNDpass.  I’ll post when it’s live in GNDupdates of course.

Have a great weekend guys!

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The August schedule

  • August
  • 6

Hey guys, sup?

I thought I’d take a moment to give you a break down on what’s coming up with GND. I want you to always feel that you’re getting a great deal for your money and again, I cannot stress enough… if there is something you want to see or we’re not doing, EMAIL ME so i can see what we can do to keep you happy. I can’t promise you things, but I can go one step further to make sure you’re happy. The girls make up their own minds when it comes to shooting, but often girls are receptive to ideas… so email me at james@gndnetwork.com and let me know what you’re after!

Now.. what’s news at GND?

As you’re no doubt aware because you’re a GNDpass member, GNDkitty.com just went live the other day. Kitty is a fantastic addition to the GND family, we’re excited to have her on board! I know that some of you think signing up or emailing I should say… to get in the forums sucks, and I agree… but it’s the way we keep the idiots out. No trolls or negativity in the forums, it really works.. you should try it. It’s a nice tight family in there, girls and members. Many of the girls post often. You really should take the time and check it out. =) (it’s free and your forum membership is good for life, even if you end up canceling with GND, which is a great way to stay in touch with the ladies, see what’s new, all the good stuff) Click here for the forum stuff.

Ok, now that GNDKitty.com is live… I am turning my attention to GNDFaith next, then after that, GNDAmy. Who is Faith and who is Amy? Here are two photos, click either for full size. Faith is on the left, Amy is on the right. Faith’s site is nude, Amy’s is non nude. No groaning guys, haha, remember, we don’t tell the girls what to do, they do what they like… and some guys like the tease. :) We try and cover all the bases here.

Faith’s site should be live On Friday the 8th and Amy’s on Monday the 11th. =)

Then after that I am setting up GNDfriends.com which is a site with a *ton* of content from other websites online, friends of ours with girls or what not that you might like. So there will be complete galleries for you to check out free of charges, because you’re a GND member. Think of it like a HUGE Friend’s section…. again, for free because you’re a GND member.

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We got a review!

  • August
  • 5

I try and be the best webmaster I can be. This means I track incoming traffic, I make sure passwords aren’t compromised. I do everything I can do to ensure things are running smoothly. Some things though, I can’t control… like how reliable a girl is in regards to when/if she updates her photos/videos.

I was going through the traffic links that hit our network today, and I found a personal review a current member did. I am not here to bust anyone’s balls so I won’t say which girl he was speaking of, he knows. He very well might see this post here and honestly, I hope he does. I’d like to touch on his review if I might.

First off, the *only* way a site, a network, anything for that matter gets better, is with critique. I am not angry with the review, this person scored us a 75/100 for this girl’s solo site. Personally, I’m not even sure if it deserves that. See, like you, I too am a consumer. I want you to get the best value for your buck, just as I’d expect to get. We’re not perfect by any means, but we try and do the best we can, with what we have to work with. Some of the girls are great, others are lazy as hell. Not naming names, if you’ve been here awhile, I don’t have to name names… you already know. haha

Ok, let’s get to the review… I wanted to address his concerns so i’ll be talking to him for a moment if that’s alright with you?He posted Pros, Con, and a bottom line approach. I’ll put my answers to him in yellow italics so you know what I said in response. I won’t list his review 100% because I don’t want to give away which site he’s referring to because I’d like to protect the girl’s feelings to some degree. I understand truth is important, but if a girl gets pissed off and leaves, nobody wins. So for now, this could be anyone… fair?

First… his review.


  • Decent number of picture sets at good resolution.
  • Zip files for all photo sets in both low and high resolution options.
  • The videos that are there look pretty good at 640×480.
  • MODELNAME is pretty hot, and she does appear to be somewhat active in the site. She posts blogs and will allegedly be doing camshows soon, but we’ve all heard that before (from other models).

Glad you like the photos and the zip set options. We wanted to try and give users multiple choices and soon we’re going to try and incorporate various video configurations for those that wish ipod or psp, cell phone or whatever formats. As for camshows… allI can do is give the opportunity. I can’t make them do anything.


  • Video content is very slim so far.
  • Several non-nude sets sprinkled in to the mix, not to mention that none of the content really goes beyond topless. I hate when a tour doesn’t tell you that!
  • Only other feature of note is access to the forums, which I’m not bothering to join (they want you to email them with your username and real name – what’s wrong with registration?).
  • Pet peeve – can’t choose your own login info. It becomes more of a problem if you subscribe to the multi-site option since it asks you for a password somewhere between a billion and a zillion times as you change sites.

I agree 10000% man. The video content needs to be picked up a lot here but one thing I think some people might be forgetting… GND isn’t a network like others where the girls have been online and are used to doing photos, videos etc. Most of these girls are really amateurs. They haven’t done this before. Put a camera in their hand and say… make me videos… shit, you might as well be pulling teeth. Videos are essential to the survival of a website. I agree that needs to be improved by all of the girls.

I agree that non nude mixed in with partial nude or topless is semi lame. I figure shit, if you’re showing me things, keep showing me. Don’t show me and then out it away, right? See, I’m with ya man. Only thing is, i don’t control what the girls shoot. They do what keeps them happy, that’s the GND way and I’m sensing it’s frustrating you. Sorry about that. We don’t list ‘topless’ on the outside of sites because every girl has showed the goods at least partially, some more than others. We say naked or nude on the outside, because the girl tells us that is what she is doing. We follow their requests basically.

The forums are set up as invite only to keep trolls and freeloaders out. Yes, you can register, once we know you’re indeed a member, we send you a registration invite. Not too hard, in fact it’s a cake walk. If someone is using hotmail we need their recommended username in the forums because MSN in their infinite wisdom thinks forum invites are spam. Go figure. Once someone has a forum membership, they are in for life and can also invite up to three friends if they wish. Even after their GND membership expires, they can still have forum access for free. We like to protect the girls to some degree from forum trolls, and we all know, forums have their trolls. Well, other than ours. :) Up unitl now nobody had complained, but perhaps they were feeling the same way you were.

Ah yes, the username/password dilemma. I agree that it sucks that it’s random characters but ask me why we have it set this way. We started for seven months, almost eight months with it set where members could set their own username/password. In that time, we’d have about 1 for every 4 members hacked. Not because our server is insecure… no, because there are password programs that guess passwords and usernames and you’d be shocked if you saw how many people would sign up and have a password like… password or flower or football or something equally as retarded. It woul dmake me laugh and question how these people even had online banking with positive balances. Passwords are something to be taken SERIOUSLY and if one doesn’t, well, one will get owned. It’s only a matter of time. We were getting people screwed out of their accounts and I hated it but I can’t teach someone to be smarter, if someone is simple minded about a password, that’s just the way it is. Not trying to offend but if your password is ‘password’… ummm… talk to a computer geek and ask if that’s smart. (it’s *really* not). We flipped to the new system and since then, not ONE person has been compromised or hacked. Every account is secure. yay us. makes me wish we did it sooner.

As for needing to write it down… every browser has the ‘save user/pass’ option, or the check box to save/remember user/passes… so why don’t you? You’d said in your profile you’re not married so not sure why you wouldn’t just save your user/pass? I myself have a random one and I saved it and I’m good to go. not one person has emailed asking wtf is up with the user/pass thing. I do agree it sucks having it this way, but it does work better.

Bottom Line:

  • This site isn’t all bad, though I definitely think I focused more on the bad than the good. I paid the extra 10 bucks to get the multi-site access, and I kind of regret that I did, because the story here is the story throughout all of the sites. Content is non-nude to topless in all but a few cases, and only the solo girls have videos (I’ll probably review 1-2 of the others at least). Once I joined, I realized it wasn’t really the type of site I really care for. It’s overly tease-oriented and picture-focused. I much prefer a video-focused softcore-hardcore type of site.I’m confused here. Content is not non-nude in the 80% of GND (there are 10 sites you have access to as a GNDpass member)… it’s non nude in GNDmodels and some zips in GNDzips are non nude because it’s the same girls as in GNDmodels. That’s 2 sites out of 10 and even in GNDzips, it’s not all non nude. :) Sorry this style isn’t what you’d cared for though man. There is some amateur hardcore inside Davia’s site btw. There is a new solo site coming soon that is non nude, as well as another solo site that is nude. When a girl is with GND, she chooses what she wants to do, we don’t force/ask her to do anything so what a member is seeing, is being seen because the *girl* chose to do that.
  • I hate randomly generated user/pass combos. That means I have to write it down or store it someplace I can easily look it up and copy/paste into the login form (I don’t like using the browser to memorize passwords if possible). That’s annoying.Agreed, I hate random shit too, but I had to do it to protect people from themselves almost. Frustrating… but after looking around, a great deal of sites do this. I posted in a webmaster forum that i am a member of and I asked if it’s a good idea… one of the largest program owners online told me.. having user/passes picked by members is like leaving your front door open for a robber to come in and having a sign saying, take anything you like. lol. Since then, we’re random user/passes and we’re 100% more secure. Again, sorry it’s frustrating.
  • The theme of this network of sites is girl-next-door types of models who submit their own content to the webmaster to post on their behalf. Thus it will only be as good as the models who are submitting content. It looks like they just got on their feet, so that’s an explanation for why the content level is so low so far. That excuse won’t work for too long though. I’d wait a couple of months to check this site (and its sister sites) out unless you really like MODELNAME’s look and prefer soft/topless content.I agree again man, when it’s the girls sending in their own content… we’re really at their mercy in a lot of ways. Fortunately, we have more girls than we did when we started so with every week/month we’re adding more and more to the network and it’s getting easier to do updates all over. If this girl drops the ball, that girl picks it up sort of thing.If you add up the content we have, we have close to 300,000 images which I think isn’t too bad a deal for $29.99 per month, especially since the content is exclusive. Maybe I’m biased though. :) hehe (I totally am, lol)

I want to thank this individual for his review, granted… I’d rather he/she emailed me and told me their opinion so I could better explain what’s going on and try and make things better.

Again people, the ONLY way we get better is through your help, so feel free to write an email and speak up. Tell me what you like, what you love, what you hate, how it should be better. Want a feature we don’t have? What is it? I am not a good mind reader, so to quote Cuba Gooding Jr… HELP ME, HELP YOU. :)

Seriously, I have joined shitty sites just like you. I want this network to be something better. Something worthy of your dollar. Email me at james@gndnetwork.com and if you would not like a reply, say so and I’ll tak eit as feedback. I will never reveal your name/email when quoting you either. I take care of the girls at GND and you’ll see, we also take care of the members.

Thanks for reading this all, hopefully it’s helped in some way. I am going to point the ladies to this post as well shortly so they themselves can see that they need to be held accountable.

have a kick ass week!

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